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Taxation and Customs Union

Who needs to declare?

Any natural person entering or leaving the EU and carrying cash of a value of €10 000 or more is required to declare that sum to the competent authorities of the Member State through which he/she is entering or leaving the EU.

  • Any natural person is any traveller or crewmember that enters or leaves the EU by air, road, rail or sea.
  • If this person is carrying cash for a legal entity (e.g. the company for which he/she works), that person must give the name of the company in the declaration.
  • For persons travelling in a group the € 10 000 limit applies to each person individually.
  • The obligation to declare cash also applies to minors through their parents or legal guardians, and to mentally incompetent persons or protected adult persons through their legal representation.
  • If you are unsure if you have to declare or not, it is important to spontaneously approach and seek advice from the competent authorities at the point of entry or exit of the EU.