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Taxation and Customs Union

EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum: meeting of 5th June 2008

The agenda of the meeting was as follows:

  1. Adoption of the agenda (doc. JTPF/013/REV1/2008/EN/FR/DE )
  2. Discussion paper on centralized intra-group services (doc. JTPF/001/2008/EN and doc. JTPF/014/REV2/BACK/2007/EN , doc. JTPF/022/BACK/2007/EN , doc. JTPF/012/BACK/2008/EN including an Excel file).
  3. Presentation and discussion of the document from the sub-group on triangular cases. (Document from the sub-group on draft recommendations for EU triangular cases and doc. JTPF/008/BACK/2008/EN )
  4. Issues related to the Arbitration Convention
    4.1 Discussion paper on draft JTPF recommendations related to the interpretation of some provisions of the Arbitration Convention (doc. JTPF/002/REV1/2008/EN ).
    4.2 Discussion paper on draft JTPF recommendations related to interest charges in the context of Mutual Agreement Procedure (doc.JTPF/003/2008/EN and doc.JTPF/010/BACK/2008/EN).
    4.3. Updated table on thin capitalization questionnaire (doc. JTPF/018/REV2/2007/EN) and Secretariat's discussion paper on thin capitalization (doc. JTPF/005/2008/EN ) and the Italian and Dutch Contributions (doc. JTPF/009/BACK/REV1/2008/EN).
    4.4. List of independent persons of standing eligible to become a member of the advisory commission (doc.JTPF/010/BACK/REV10/2005/EN ): lists from new Member States and availability of CVs.
    4.5 Table on the application of Art.7(3) of the AC (interaction between MAP and judicial appeals) (doc. JTPF/024/REV2/BACK/2007/EN ).
    4.6 Reports from the Member States on the implementation of the Code of Conduct for the effective implementation of the Arbitration Convention. (doc.JTPF/014/BACK/2008/EN and doc.JTPF/015/BACK/2008/EN )
    4.7 State of play of the implementation of the Code of Conduct related to the Arbitration Convention (doc.JTPF/006/BACK/REV5/2006 February 2008)
    4.8 2008 table on the number of pending cases under the AC (doc.JTPF/016/BACK/2008/EN )
  5. Draft 2007 APA table on the availability of an APA procedure (doc. JTPF/006/REV3/2007/EN )
  6. Any other business:
    6.1 Monitoring of the work programme
    6.2 Summary record February 2008 meeting