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Taxation and Customs Union

Based on a Recommendation of the Commission for a Council Decision concerning the negotiation of customs cooperation agreements with the Community's main trading partners of 14 October 1992 (SEC (92)1857 final), the Council decided on 5 April 1993 to authorise the Commission to start negotiations with our main trading partners, including Korea.

After four years of negotiation Korea was the first country in Asia to conclude a customs cooperation agreement with the European Community. The agreement was signed on 10 April 1997 (Official Journal L 121, p. 14 of 13.05.1997).

The discussions during the EC-Korea Joint Customs Co-operation Committee meetings focus on

  • customs related trade barriers,
  • the enforcement of intellectual property rights and possibilities for establishing an exchange of officials,
  • border measures for IPR protection,
  • policy coordination in international organisations or
  • projects for the exchange of personnel and common training.