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Chairwoman of the European Association of Tax Law Professors (EATLP)


Professor Cécile Brokelind is the Chairwoman of the European Association of Tax Law professors. Originally active as a tax consultant in France where she received her legal education, she moved to Sweden to embrace an academic career. Her research involves projects dealing with EU tax law, her PhD Thesis was a commentary of the Parent Subsidiary Directive and since then has published analytical literature on the compatibility of national tax rules with EU law. More recently, she also engages in interdisciplinary studies, such as the creation of a "DIGITAX" research center in Lund with public finance and international economy scholars. She is also a program director of a masters program in International and EU tax law at Lund University. She has published and edited several monographs within the GREIT network, which she and other researchers (Ana Paula Dourado, Dennis Weber and Pasquale Pistone) initiated in 2006.  Her latest publications comment on the Swedish rules on interest deduction limitation for associated companies in light of the free movement of capital.