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Taxation and Customs Union

EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum: meeting of 26th October 2011

  1. Adoption of the Agenda (doc JTPF/021/2011/EN )
  2. Documents adopted under written procedure
  3. 2. (i) JTPF rules of procedure (doc JTPF/012/REV1/2011/EN )

    2. (ii) JTPF work programme 2011–2015 (doc JTPF/016/2011/EN )

    2. (iii) Summary record of June meeting (doc JTPF/015/2011/EN )

  4. Information by the Commission Services on current ongoing issues
  5. Cost Contribution Arrangements on services
  6. 4. (i) Secretariat working document (doc JTPF/020/2011/EN )

    4. (ii) Revised example by the private sector (doc JTPF/022/BACK/2011EN )

    4. (iii) TAs contributions on CCA legislation and administrative practice (doc JTPF/023/BACK/2011ENappendix A - appendix B )

  7. Secondary adjustments and compensating/year-end adjustments
  8. 5. (i) Table on secondary adjustments (doc JTPF/018/REV1/2011/EN )

    5. (ii) Table on compensating/year end adjustments (doc JTPF/019/2011/EN )

  9. Risk assessment – presentations by the UK, the Netherlands and private sector members
  10. Improvements in the collection of statistics on MAPs
  11. 7. (i) Existing improved questionnaire

    7. (ii) Alternative questionnaire prepared by the working group

  12. Monitoring:
  13. 8. (i) Pending mutual agreement procedures (MAPs) under the EU Arbitration Convention at the end of 2010 (doc JTPF/024/2011/EN )

    8. (ii) List of independent persons of standing eligible to become a member of the advisory commission (doc JTPF/010/BACK/REV16/2005/EN )

  14. Any other business:
  15. 2012 meetings: 8 March, 7 June and 18 October.