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Taxation and Customs Union

EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum: meeting of 22 June 2017

  1. Introduction by the Chair
  2. Adoption of the Agenda (doc. JTPF/006/2017/EN)
    Draft Agenda
  3. Documents adopted under written procedure

    March 2017 Summary Record (doc. JTPF/005/2017/EN)
    Summary record meeting 9 March

  4. Information by the Commission Services on current ongoing issues including on the directive on double taxation dispute resolution in the EU
    Presentation at EU JTPF - 22 June 2017 meeting
  5. Use of economic valuation techniques in transfer pricing

    REV Draft report "Use of Economic Valuation Techniques in TP" (doc.JTPF/003/2017/REV/EN)

  6. Statistics on Mutual Agreement Procedures and APAs in the EU 2016
  7. Any other business

    Next meeting: tbc

Summary Record of meeting of 22 June 2017

Report on the use of Economic Valuation Techniques in Transfer Pricing