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Taxation and Customs Union

Customs Risk Management

The quantity of goods that moves in and out of the EU has drastically increased in the last decade . It is therefore extremely important to carry out targeted controls based on risk management. The European Commission and the Member States work together hand in hand to establish a series of criteria, applicable everywhere in the EU, that the customs can use to target shipments that represent a threat to the security and safety of the EU and its citizens, the interests of legitimate traders and/or the E.U.’s financial interests.

Latest developments

  • A global communication campaign on ICS2, including a brand new website, were launched on 8 October 2020. ICS2 is the EU's new Advance Cargo Information System that aims to better protect Europe’s single market and its citizens with new customs safety and security measures. The programme is one of the main contributors towards establishing an integrated EU approach to reinforce customs risk management under the common risk management framework (CRMF).
  • On 18 January 2021 the Commission adopted the third progress reportand Staff Working Document on the EU Strategy and Action plan. The report, in response to the Council Conclusions of January 2019, provides an overall qualitative assessment of the implementation of the EU strategy and action plan.