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Taxation and Customs Union

Overview Taxation and Customs e-learnings

eLearning courses in Customs and Taxation

The European Commission’s electronic learning materials are produced in collaboration with customs and taxation administrations and representatives of trade. .

Visit the Customs & Tax EU Learning Portal to access more than 600 e-Learning courses in nanolearnings and eBooks in EU and non-EU languages!

The Customs & Tax EU Learning Portal promotes collaboration and information and skills-sharing between customs and tax professionals, national administrations, trade and academia, to create a competitive advantage throughout Europe and optimise training experiences.

Courses are addressed to the public and private sector of customs and tax professionals. Most material is available on the portal to everyone (green locker next to the title), however, some content is restricted and thus only accessible by national customs and tax administration’s staff (grey locker). Explore the Catalogue section, and search the course topic of your interest by using various filters and keywords. 

Follow the eLearning course directly on the portal at your own pace, consult other resources available. You can create your own training plans and have access to a set of courses directly from your dashboard.

At the end of the course, you will get an attendance certificate, if you have passed the final assessment with at least a 70% score. Do not forget to consult the documents included in the Module resources section. 

The eLearning courses related to Customs cover a variety of topics from EU legislation, customs procedures, customs duties, controls, security and risk management to European IT systems

In the eLearning courses related to Taxation field, the courses cover a variety of topics from EU VAT directive and e-commerce legislation,  to excise procedures and to fight against VAT fraud or European IT systems.

Browse the learning offers available on the Customs & Tax EU Learning Portal and join a growing community of EU customs and tax professionals training for excellence. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter and to set up your notifications to receive all the relevant information

To get the best possible learning experience out of the online courses, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as browser (in particular with Windows 10).

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Interactive eBooks

The available eBooks are based on existing EU Guidelines or similar useful documents. The eBooks make the material easier to use by enriching it with interactive multimedia learning activities, improving the retention and understanding of the different concepts.

Authorised Economic Operators Guidelines eBook

The eBook includes the entire content of the EU Authorised Economic Operators (AEO) Guidelines enriched with interactive multimedia learning activities (such as assessments points) and functionalities. 
The eBook, which is designed as complement to the UCC AEO eLearning module, can be downloaded as a file or viewed directly online in your browser.

The eBook is available in 22 language versions. Visit the portal to get one for you!

Useful for: EU businesses exporting outside of the EU, lawyers, academics, customs officers.