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President BusinessEurope


Fredrik Persson has been President of BusinessEurope since July 2022. Previously, he was President of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Sweden’s largest business federation representing around 60,000 companies, from 2017 to 2022.

Fredrik is also currently President of Sweden’s leading distribution network operator Ellevio AB, the construction company JM AB and the International Chamber of Commerce Sweden. In addition, he is member of several boards, including Electrolux and the ICA group.

Besides being an experienced chairman, Fredrik has substantial business experience acquired in a range of industrial sectors. During his 15-year career with the Axel Johnson Group, he held the positions of President and CEO between 2007 and 2015. Prior to this, Fredrik was executive vice-President and CFO of Axel Johnson. He also held a number of positions within ABB Financial Services and Aros Securities.

Fredrik was born in 1968 and holds a MSc Econ from the Stockholm School of Economics.