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Taxation and Customs Union

EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum: meeting of 8th March 2012

1. Adoption of the Agenda (doc JTPF/002/2012/EN )

2. Documents adopted under written procedure

2. (i) October 2011 summary record (doc JTPF/025/2011/EN )

3. Information by the Commission on current ongoing issues

4. Cost Contribution Arrangements on services

4. (i) Revised Secretariat working document (doc JTPF/020/REV2/2011/EN )

4. (ii) Additional examples on CCAs (doc JTPF/006/BACK/2012/EN )

4. (iii) Revised example by the private sector (doc JTPF/022/BACK/2011/EN )

4. (iv) TAs contributions on CCA legislation and administrative practice (doc JTPF/023/BACK/REV1/2011/ENappendix A - appendix B )

5. Secondary adjustments

5. (i) Discussion paper on secondary adjustments (doc JTPF/001/2012/EN )

5. (ii) JTPF members' replies to the written consultation on doc JTPF/001/2012/EN (doc JTPF/004/BACK/2012/EN )

5. (iii) Table on secondary adjustments (doc JTPF/018/REV1/2011/EN )

6. Risk assessment – presentations by the UK and Austria.

6. (i) Background information from private sector members (doc JTPF/003/BACK/2012/EN )

6. (ii) Presentations by UK and Austria

7. Improvements in the collection of statistics on MAPs

7. (i) Discussion paper on the three options:
Existing improved questionnaire / Alternative questionnaire prepared by the working group / Secretariat's option

7. (ii) TAs replies on the options

8. Monitoring:

8. (i) List of independent persons of standing eligible to become a member of the advisory commission (doc JTPF/010/BACK/REV17/2005/EN ).

8. (ii) APA questionnaire: additional guidance

9. Any other business:
Next meetings in 2012: 7 June and 18 October.