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Taxation and Customs Union

EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum: meeting of 10th February 2011

1. Adoption of the agenda (doc JTPF 003/2011/EN)

2. Update by the Commission Services on current ongoing issues:

2. (i) State of play regarding the Communication on JTPF's work 2010

2. (ii) Renewal of the mandate of the JTPF beyond 31 March 2011

2. (iii) Call for application of Business Members

2. (iv) Replies to public consultation

3. Transfer pricing and SMEs:

3. (i) MS responses: Auditor-to-auditor contacts and de minimis limits (doc JTPF/002/REV3/BACK/2011)

3. (ii) Report on Small and Medium Enterprises and Transfer Pricing (doc JTPF/001/FINAL/2011 )

3. (iii) Tables annexed to the report –Member States' responses (doc JTPF/001/annex/2011 )

4. Future JTPF work program: further contributions received:

4. (i) Business Members' suggestions:

a) Specific issues of the Arbitration Convention by Werner Stuffer (doc JTPF/008/BACK/2011)

b) Access to avoidance of double tax in certain scenarios by Monique Van Herksen (doc JTPF/005/BACK/2011)

4. (ii) Member States Contribution:

Belgian contribution on Article 7 and the Arbitration Convention (doc JTPF/006/BACK/2011 )

4. (iii) Commission Monitoring of work during the next Forum mandate

5. Cost Contribution Arrangements:

5. (i) Secretariat discussion document (doc JTPF/16/2010/EN)

5. (ii) Business Members' example of a CCA (doc JTPF/14/2010/EN)

6. Statistics on the number of open cases under the Arbitration Convention:

6. (i) Draft table with figures for 2009 (Doc JTPF/004/2011/EN)

7. Independent persons list (doc JTPF/010/BACK/REV14/2005/EN )

8. Any other business:

8. (i) Survey on the language requirements for transfer pricing documentation: Dirk Van Stappen (doc JTPF/007/BACK/2011 )

8. (ii) Monitoring work: APA tables

8. (iii) Next meeting date: 9th June 2011

9. Minutes of 26 October 2010 Meeting (doc JTPF/018/2010/EN )

The documents are available on CIRCA