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Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism: an overview of the technical and practical aspects of the transitional registry

Since the entry into application of the CBAM regulation in its transitional phase in October 2023 and the parallel launch of the CBAM  communications campaign, a large variety of stakeholders operating at European, international, and national levels in all CBAM sectors and goods, have been interested in participating in info sessions, meetings, and webinars to receive first-hand information on CBAM related matters. DGTAXUD webinars organised during the last quarter of 2023 were very well attended and multiple business and stakeholders have been calling for additional info sessions.  

After a successful information session in Spanish, held on 23 May 2024, we are now pleased to announce a new CBAM info session to be held in English with the aim of facilitating the exchange of information and further engage with CBAM stakeholders from all over Europe and beyond.

Please note that the registration will close on Tuesday, 18 June at midday. Afterwards no registration will be possible.

Register here

Book your seat, 4 days left to register, registration will end on Tuesday 18 June 2024, 12:00 (CEST)

  • climate change policy | reduction of gas emissions | carbon neutrality | emission trading | renewable energy
  • Wednesday 19 June 2024, 10:00 - 12:00 (CEST)
  • Online only
  • Live streaming available

Practical information

Wednesday 19 June 2024, 10:00 - 12:00 (CEST)
Online only
Starts on Wednesday 19 June 2024, 10:00 (CEST)
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