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Taxation and Customs Union

Written Contributions have been received from:

ABA (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für betriebliche Altersversorgung e.V.) on:

AMCHAM EU (American Chamber of Commerce) on territorial scope;

CEA (Comité européen des assurances) on:

EBIT (European Business Initiative on taxation ) on:

EZAI (European Foundation for public policies) on:

FBE (European Banking Federation) on financial institutions

BusinessEurope, formerly UNICE, on:

BDI (Federation of German Industries) on:

EUROCHAMBRES: Position Paper 2007 on Company Taxation - complement the freedoms of the Single Market to foster the growth of European businesses

Association of Foreign Banks in Germany on:

Benjamin F. Miller, Counsel of the Multistate Tax Affairs in California, on: