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Taxation and Customs Union

Customs blueprints: pathways to better Customs

The customs blueprints aim to help improve the operational capacity of customs services by setting standards of achievement in key areas, including measurable indicators.

They can be used as benchmark against which to measure shortfalls and plan subsequent improvements.

The Customs blueprints assist the EU Commission and EU countries in coordinating and targeting of the assistance provided to customs administrations in non-EU countries, in particular enlargement countries and other neighbouring countries.

The Blueprints are particularly useful for:

  • enlargement countries that need to adopt the EU acquis and ensure adequate operational capacity while preparing to implement EU legislation and procedures in time for accession.
  • countries seeking to facilitate trade or joining a free trade area or a customs union.

Dowload the Customs Blueprint documents free of charge in English, French or Russian.

How well is your customs administration performing?


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How to carry out a customs blueprint exercise?


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