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Taxation and Customs Union


Chair of Finance Committee in Assemblée Nationale, France


Former company director and coordinator of the "Parti de Gauche" (radical left, 2014-2021), regional councillor for Ile de France (2010-2017), Eric Coquerel was first elected LFI-NUPES MP for the 1st district of Seine-Saint-Denis in 2017. He was re-elected in 2022 and became President of the Finance Committee of the French national Assembly.

During the five years of his first mandate, he led an annual report by the Finance Committee calling for a larger share of the French budget to be devoted to the need to protect the environment. He was co-rapporteur for a special mission on universal taxation, which has resulted in amendments from opposition MPs over the past two years to improve tax fairness. In 2021 he published his book on public debt "Lâchez-nous la dette".

The aim of his presidency is to fight against  income evasion and speculation, to achieve a better distribution of wealth between capital and labour, and to combat social, ecological and fiscal inequalities. An annual report on tax avoidance has been created under his presidency, and a another mission on the taxation of profits has already taken place. He also has launched a mission on the corporate tax differential.