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Taxation and Customs Union

Other taxation papers

Internal reference: TAXUD/2414/08

Commission staff background paper requested by the Council Presidency: "Financial and insurance services"

SEC(2005) 1067

Commission staff working paper. "A possible contribution based on airline tickets as a new source of financing development:a common approach in the run up to the UN High Level Event".

SEC(2005) 467

Commission Staff Working Paper. New Sources of Financing for Development: A Review of Options

SEC(2004) 1128/2

European Tax Survey - Full text version.

Executive summary is available here .

SEC(2003) 622

Commission Staff Working Paper: Evaluation report on the experimental application of a reduced rate of VAT to certain labour-intensive services.

See also COM(2003) 309.
Report from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament: Experimental application of a reduced rate of VAT to certain labour-intensive services.

Company taxation in the Internal Market

Commission Staff Working Paper - SEC(2001) 1681.

See also the Annex .

SEC(2001) 1328

Interim evaluation report on the Fiscalis programme 1998-1999.

Internal reference: XXI/1201/99

Working Party no. 1 Harmonisation of Turnover Taxes.

SEC(1998) 1994

Commission staff working paper clarifying Community instruments available to Member States to address possible consequences of the abolition of intra-Community duty-free sales on 1 July 1999.

Internal reference: XXI/0359/98

Interim report on the implications of electronic commerce for VAT and customs.