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Taxation and Customs Union
News article1 October 2021

Self-certification by registered exporters for Zimbabwean exports into the EU under EU-ESA interim EPA from 01/07/2021

As from 1 July 2021, imports into the EU of products originating in Zimbabwe shall benefit from the preferential tariff treatment provided for in the interim EPA, exclusively upon submission of invoice declarations made out:

  • by Zimbabwean exporters registered in the EU’s REX system; or
  • by any exporter for any consignment whose total value does not exceed EUR 6 000.

From that date, Zimbabwe ceases issuing movement certificates EUR.1 and invoice declarations made out by approved exporters are no longer accepted.

See Notice 2020/C 390/03.

Find more information in the ACP page.


Publication date
1 October 2021