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Taxation and Customs Union
Paziņojums par jaunumiem2022. gada 29. augustsNodokļu politikas un muitas savienības ģenerāldirektorāts

New eLearning programme about the Automated Export System

The Automatic Export System (AES), Phase 1 manages electronically the export and exit formalities performed by customs officials and economic operators when goods leave the customs territory of the Union.

The eLearning programme is composed of 2 courses that have been developed to cover the functionalities of AES Phase 1: 

The first one is publicly available for Customs officers and Economic Operators. If you are a Customs Official, it is recommended to follow afterwards the "AES P1 Advanced Module for Customs Officers‟ (restricted access to national administrations) where specific customs topics are particularly addressed.

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2022. gada 29. augusts
Nodokļu politikas un muitas savienības ģenerāldirektorāts