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Artykuł prasowy13 styczeń 2021Dyrekcja Generalna ds. Podatków i Unii Celnej

EU-Vietnam FTA

Article 3(7) to Article 3(11) of the EVFTA Origin Protocol establishes a possibility of cumulation in Vietnam with fabrics originating in South Korea.

Vietnam and South-Korea have fulfilled on 23 December 2020 the required conditions set out in Article 3(10) for the application of this cumulation. Therefore, from 23 December 2020, the cumulation is applicable.

Further information may be found in section 5.3 of the Guidance Document on Rules of Origin of the EU-Vietnam FTA.

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Data publikacji
13 styczeń 2021
Dyrekcja Generalna ds. Podatków i Unii Celnej