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Știre29 aprilie 2018Direcția Generală Impozitare și Uniune Vamală


New agreement between EU and New Zealand to create a more secure and trade-friendly environment

A new customs agreement between the EU and New Zealand will officially enter into force on 1 May.
The agreement will enable both partners to work together to prevent, investigate and combat breaches of customs rules. It paves the way for more cooperation on customs security and a safer, trade-friendly environment for businesses and consumers alike.
Total trade between the EU and New Zealand in goods amounted to €8.4 billion in 2017 and trade in commercial services amounted to a further €4.4 billion in 2016.
The entry into force of the agreement this week follows its signature in July 2017.

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DG TAXUD webpage
Full text of the new agreement


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29 aprilie 2018
Direcția Generală Impozitare și Uniune Vamală