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Taxation and Customs Union

EU Joint Transfer Pricing Forum: meeting of 8th June 2010

The agenda of the meeting was as follows:

  1. Adoption of the agenda (doc JTPF/005/2010/EN )
  2. An initial discussion on SMEs as a current work programme project:

    2.1 Presentations by:

    Federation of European Accountants (FEE) - Friedrich Rödler (doc FEE_Transfer Pricing for SMEs )

    Confederation Fiscale Europeene (CFE) Gottfried Schellmann (doc CFE100608_Transfer_Pricing )

    Business Members: Eric Bonneaud (doc BM_SMEs and TP UE Forum June 2010 )

    Member States: France

    Member States: UK (doc UK_SME presentation )

    Commission (doc EC_Presentation EU JTPF 8 June 2010 )

    2.2 Round table discussion to identify transfer pricing issues that particularly impact on SMEs

    2.3 next steps (doc JTPF 002 REV2 BACK 2010 EN)

  3. Outcome of the written procedure on the adoption of the report on non-EU transfer pricing triangular cases (doc JTPF/007/REV2/2009/EN )
  4. An initial discussion on CCAs as a current work programme project:

    4.1 Round table discussion to identify pragmatic problems associated with CCAs

    4.2 next steps (doc JTPF/003/REV1/BACK/2010/EN )

  5. Future JTPF work programme. (Existing work programme doc JTPF/013/2007/EN )
  6. EUTPD monitoring: updated of documents (doc. EUTPD JTPF 012 BACK REV4 2009 EN , doc . JTPF 015 BACK REV3 EN 2009 )
  7. 2009 APA table: (doc. JTPF/010/REV2/BACK/2009/EN )
  8. Table on the number of pending cases under the Arbitration Convention (doc. JTPF/009/REV2/BACK/2009 )
  9. Independent persons list & CVs (doc JTPF 010 BACK REV12 2005 )
  10. Any other business:

    10.1 Arbitration Convention / Additional information on pending cases

    10.2 2010 meeting dates 26th October; provisionally 1st March 2011.

Summary record of the February 2010 meeting (doc Summary record February 2010 meeting (org) JTPF 999 REV1 2010 EN )

Summary record of the June 2010 meeting (doc Summary record June 2010 meeting (org) JTPF 17 2010 )