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Taxation and Customs Union

Customs consultations

Open dialogue involving the European Commission, stakeholders and interested parties helps ensure that rules and regulatory proposals keep pace with reality of rapid change. This dialogue helps to achieve the regulatory efficiency we need to foster best administrative and legislative practice tailored to meet the needs of business in the European Union in the third millenium.

The Commission is responding to ever-wider use of the Internet by making greater use of Interactive Policy Making (IPM) and similar Internet-based tools as an additional means to evaluate existing EU policies and conduct consultations on new initiatives. We hope that businesses, consumers and citizens will use these tools wherever possible, to help us to respond faster and more accurately to their needs.

This page provides an access point to consult the list of planned, open and closed consultations for customs. On our website you will also find an overview of tax consultations.

For further consultations and discussion fora, please consult Have your say.

Planned consultations

Title & descriptionPolicy activityTarget groupLaunching date

There are no planned consultations for the moment.


Open consultations

Title & descriptionPolicy activityTarget groupClosing date




Closed consultations

Title & descriptionPolicy activityTarget groupClosing dateQuestionnaire, results & summary reports
Revision of the Union Customs CodeCustomsAll stakeholders14/09/2022Results
EU rules governing e-commerce transactions from third countriesCustomsAll stakeholders10/03/2022Results
Interim evaluation of the Union Customs Code (UCC)CustomsAll stakeholders18/07/2021Results
EU Single Window environment for CustomsCustomsAll stakeholders16/01/2019

Questionnaire, results, summary report, position papers

Public consultation for the evaluation of the EU drug precursors regulationsCustomsAll stakeholders02/11/2018

position papers
Follow this link

Exploratory Public Consultation on the establishment in the EU of Decisions relating to binding information in the field of customs valuationCustoms

All stakeholders

08/06/2018Follow this link
Public consultation on the exchange of customs related information with third countriesCustomsAll interested parties on exchange of customs related information with third countries. This includes contributions from citizens, companies, NGOs, academics, public authorities, international organisations, etc.16/10/2017

Questionnaire, results, position papers, summary report

Open public consultation for the Evaluation of the European Customs Inventory of Chemical Substances (ECICS) CustomsBusinesses, professional associations, public authorities, customs laboratories, international organizations and any other possible users of the ECICS database.06/06/2017Follow this link
Consultation on rules on imports of cultural goodsCustomsCitizens, companies, NGOs, academics, public authorities, international organisations23/01/2017Questionnaire, results, summary report
Public consultation on a review of Regulation (EC) N° 1889/2005 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 26 October 2005 “on controls of cash entering or leaving the Community”The proposal would impact several policy areas, notably Customs, Taxation, Trade, Home Affairs, Justice, Internal Market.Public authorities, organisations (including SMEs) and citizens (both inside and outside the European Union).01.06.2015Questionnaire, results, summary report
Consultation on VAT collection procedures in relation to centralised customs clearanceCustoms/TaxationPublic and businesses31/10/2010Consultation paper, summary report
Review of customs legislation on enforcement of intellectual property rightsCustomsPublic and stakeholders07/06/2010Consultation paper, results and summary report
Customs tariff and chemical classification: Five minutes to tailor our services to your needsCustomsEconomic operators02/12/2005Results
Customs and security: draft implementing provisions concerning new security and safety measuresCustomsEconomic operators16/09/2005 
Modernized Customs Code Rev. 4 - annex to impact assessmentCustomsBusiness, administrations and any other stakeholders31/01/2005Questionnaire, summary report
Modernized Community Customs CodeCustomsBusiness, administrations and any other stakeholders30/08/2004Summary report
The future of rules of origin in preferential trade arrangementsCustomsBusiness, administrations and any other stakeholders15/03/2004Summary report, statistical annex, Communication