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Taxation and Customs Union

Import Control System 2 - Release 2

ICS2 Release 2


Postal operators, express and air carriers and freight forwarders.


The second release becomes effective on 1 March 2023.


Operators have to complete the ENS dataset for all goods in air transport.

More precisely:
All goods transported by air in postal, express and general cargo consignments will be subject, in addition to pre-loading filing requirements, to complete pre-arrival ENS data requirements.

Further ICS2 project documentation for Release 2 can be consulted here.

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Technical preparation - Factsheet

Economic Operators involved in handling, shipping and transporting of cargo, express or postal consignments to or via the EU by air need to take several steps to get their IT systems ready in time.

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New requirements for bringing goods by air to or through the EU - Factsheet

New data reporting requirements for pre-loading and pre-arrival customs risk assessments will apply as of 1 March 2023.

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Pre-arrival data filing requirements - Factsheet

In addition to filing pre-loading advance cargo information (PLACI) about the goods being transported to or via the EU by air, Economic Operators will need to file pre-arrival data in the ICS2 system through a complete electronic Entry Summary Declaration.


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