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Taxation and Customs Union

Action 4 - Communication and Strategy

CLEN Action 4 is a multiple action devoted to scientific and technical communication and exchanges between customs laboratories.

CLEN Action 4 is a multiple action devoted to scientific and technical communication and exchanges between customs laboratories, as well as between the CLEN and other institutional partners such as European Commission services, customs administrations and third countries’ customs laboratories.

Customs laboratories share documents and discussions via an electronic community hosted under the “Sinapse” European scientific platform.

Production of communication material

To highlight the various activities of customs laboratories, as well as the different actions led within the CLEN, a brochure was published in 2016.

A video highlighting the missions of European customs laboratories was also produced by the Tax and Customs Administration of the Netherlands on the occasion of the 6th Seminar of European Customs held in Amsterdam, 22-24 June 2016.

Organisation of communication events (Conferences and Seminars)

Major conferences have been organised every three years since 2000, bringing together customs chemists from the whole world (EU Member States, Candidate and Third Countries). Representatives from the World Customs Organisation (WCO), the industry, the trade and environmental sectors have also participated.

These events are an excellent opportunity to inform a wider public on the activities of customs laboratories worldwide. They also provide an ideal forum where customs chemists can meet, exchange views, share experience and compare the different practices operating in their respective laboratories.

8th Seminar of European Customs Chemists

 Berlin, Germany

 4 – 6 July 2023 – 210 participants from 40 countries

 Theme“Working together: Smart Efficient Competent Committed”

 More information about this Seminar here

7th Seminar of European Customs Chemists

Budapest, Hungary

 2 – 4 July 2019 – 282 participants from 54 countries

Theme: “Combating Fraud through cooperation and innovation”

6th Seminar of European Customs Chemists

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

 22-24 June 2016 – 320 participants from 55 countries

Theme: "Sharing knowledge beyond borders"

5th Seminar of European Customs Chemists

Paris, France

 10-12 July 2013 - 259 participants from 49 countries

Theme: "Working together for all of us, today and tomorrow"

4th Seminar of European Customs Chemists

Helsinki, Finland

 2-4 June 2010 - 182 participants from 36 countries

Theme: "Safe & Ecological commerce: How do Customs meet the challenge?"

3rd Conference of European Customs Chemists

Athens, Greece

 27-29 June 2007 - 170 participants from 42 countries

Theme: "The role of customs control in facilitating trade and guaranteeing safety and security"

2nd Conference of European Customs Chemists

Prague, Czech Republic

22-24 October 2003 - 137 participants from 28 countries

Theme: "Safeguarding the European citizens and protecting the environment in the context of globalisation"

1st Conference of European Customs Chemists

Fiuggi-Fonte, Italy

18-20 October 2000 - 95 participants from 34 countries

Theme: "Customs, commerce and industry - a unified approach"